VirtualCMO® Services

Hospital executives across the United States are recognizing an increasing need for effective physician leadership due to the changes in the healthcare industry brought on by the Affordable Care Act and payment reform that focuses on quality outcomes to maximize reimbursement.

Larger hospitals can afford the services of a full-time vice president of medical affairs or chief medical officer. However, smaller hospitals do not have the resources for such a physician executive position, but frequently have as great or greater a need for the services such a physician can provide.

The VirtualCMO has been designed to provide these much needed services at an affordable price.

VirtualCMO Provides:

  • Strengthened existing physician leadership through coaching and education
  • Resolved conflict and improved disruptive behavior
  • Improved quality outcomes, patient safety, patient satisfaction, and reimbursement
  • Reviewed and updated medical staff bylaws and rules & regulations
  • Executive coaching and board education
  • Resolved staffing issues and continuity of care issues


VirtualCMO Includes:

  • Initial on-site assessment of physician leadership needs and key issues
  • Weekly coaching/consulting calls with hospital CEO and Chief of Staff
  • Troubleshooting of identified issues that need to be addressed
  • Review and update medical staff bylaws and rules & regulations, working with hospital counsel when indicated
  • Blogs and other online teaching formats to provide current updates


VirtualCMO Includes:

  • A minimum of 10 hours per month provided by highly qualified physician executives who have served as members of hospital senior management teams
  • Weekly telephone consulting calls with hospital CEO and/or Chief of Staff
  • On site visits for education and/or conflict resolution as indicated