Future Leaders Programs

Do you know who your future leaders are, and more importantly, are they prepared to lead your association? If you can’t answer these questions with a resounding “yes”, the future viability of your association may be at risk.

Develop Your Future Leaders

When seeking to develop future leaders, many associations fail to utilize one of their most precious and crucial assets – current and past association leaders who can serve as mentors to early career physicians. These mentor-mentee partnerships can help propel the organization to new heights and long lasting success.

Leadership Development

Our Future Leaders Program presents a mentoring model for leadership development that will sustain and propel your association to new heights, ensuring long lasting success.

Trusted Advisor

“Our Physician Leadership Institute that Dr. Reynolds created was ranked so highly by the physicians, we are not only doing it again next year, but creating an additional advanced institute that 100% of first round participants have decided to join. She is viewed by our physicians as a trust advisor.”

James Bailey, MD,
Chief Medical Officer
Northeast Georgia Health System

Is Your Association Suffering A Leadership Crises?

Often there are too few committed leaders, and those serving are frequently recycled, burned out, unprepared, and/or unqualified to successfully execute their leadership responsibilities.

When trying to deal with this leadership crisis, many associations fail to utilize one of their most precious and crucial intellectual assets – current and past board members, officers, and other association leaders who can serve as mentors for the next generation of leaders.

From This Program Participants Will

  • Understand the importance of leadership development for associations
  • Learn what it takes to identify and develop future leaders
  • Examine mentoring models that provide platforms for leadership development
  • Learn to identify individual qualities, styles, and behaviors and appropriately match them in the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Learn how to develop and implement the appropriate mentoring program for their association

Don’t Leave It To Chance

Associations who do not invest the time and resources necessary to develop knowledgeable, well-prepared future leaders are rolling the dice and are jeopardizing their bottom line. The result may be declining membership, fractured or disjointed programs and services, and the inability to compete with other organizations when it comes to providing value.