Medical Society Leadership Program

The presence of a state or national medical society allows for a collective standard of professional medical care to exist within a community. When health care institutions, executives, physicians and staff are able to share information and experiences with each other, it helps to improve the overall quality of services. Increased knowledge, leadership skills and a more proactive, collaborative approach, are things you may wish your members to have when promoting your interests in the larger community.

An effective Medical Society Leadership Program will not only help develop these vital skills, but also address topics such as:

  • National health policy issues
  • Leadership styles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Future leadership development
  • Diversity and gender
  • Mentoring
  • Enhanced communication practices

Tailored For Your Organization

There are many unique factors that influence your staff at all levels of your institution, which may be completely different from those affecting your members. Therefore, it is important to choose a Medical Society Leadership Program that can be tailored to your organization, its goals, capabilities and existing management style.

Customized Programs

The Institute For Medical Leadership creates highly customizable programs and will work with you to create the right environment, schedule and process to enhance medical leadership skills throughout every level of your organization. Effective Medical Society Leadership Programs are valuable for any physician leader that is working on behalf of your organization.

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