Prescription For Lasting Success: Leadership Strategies to Diagnose Problems and Transform Your Organization

Dr. Reynolds’ 4-Ps assessment model includes an examination of Purpose, Passion, Planning, and People. It can be used for individual as well as organizational transformation.

Based on Dr. Susan Reynolds’ book, The Institute for Medical Leadership® now conducts programs that help leaders and their organizations succeed on a long term basis.

Success must be long-term, so that program also highlights the components of a 5th P, Perseverance. These elements: Commitment, Focus, Endurance, and Renewal can be used to assure that the success will last over a long period of time.

Programs can be conducted in one-day or two-day formats and include didactic presentations, group exercises and challenges, and reflective time to work on individual leadership development.

Susan Reynolds, MD, PhD

President | CEO

Dr. Susan Reynolds is the President and CEO of The Institute for Medical Leadership®. For over sixteen years, the Institute has been conducting organizational assessments, physician leadership development programs, executive and physician coaching, and strategic transformation retreats for numerous hospitals and healthcare systems, academic medical centers, medical groups, and medical associations throughout the United States.

A former emergency physician, emergency medical center CEO, White House health care advisor, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Reynolds developed the highly acclaimed Chief of Staff Boot Camps® in 2003, and has trained over 2,500 physician leaders and healthcare executives through these program. More about Susan Reynolds.

Prescription For Lasting Success: Book Reviews

“On a bookshelf of management books, Prescription For Lasting Success stands out. It stands out because it is based on real-world experience and histories, not on theory or assumption. It stands out because these techniques have worked time and again, and it stands out because it is logical and makes sense. These are the factors that will allow it to stand the test of time.”

Richard F Corlin, MD
Past President of the American Medical Association

“It has always surprised me that so few companies/organizations can explain why customers and clients should do business with them. Dr. Reynolds’s 4 Ps get to the root of the matter – especially in describing the need to articulate a company’s purpose and passion. Organization leaders would be well served to understand and implement these priciples, as sustainable success is sure to follow.”

James L. Weidner, CEO
Cooperative of American Physicians

“Susan has captured the essence of my own experience with her leadership development and executive coaching here at Northeast Georgia Health Systen. Prescription for Lasting Success offers a foundation for personal and organizational development that one can continue to build on for years to come.”

Carol Burell, President | CEO
Northeast George Health System

“Leadership takes on real life in Dr. Reynolds’s must-read book. It is filled with practical approaches and results-oriented suggestions. Challenges facing physicians and hospitals will be dealt with more effectively by everyone who reads this worthwhile contribution to the literature.”

C. Duane Dauner, President | CEO
California Hospital Association

Prescription for Lasting Success is literally a masterpiece. It hits all the notes perfectly, talking about people and organizations and why they are successful and why they fail and even how they can be resurrected and healed. The book is not for the faint of heart nor is it written in academic jargon that masks the passion and joy of unbridled success. It is written by an exceptionally gifted author who herself has faced incredible challenges and accepted both defeat and success as treasures. I promise you that once you turn the first page you are in for a great learning experience.”

Charles S. Lauer, Author & Former Publisher
Modern Healthcare Magazine