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Founded by Dr. Susan Reynolds, The Institute for Medical Leadership is led by highly-regarded experts in the healthcare industry. Our programs teach executives and physician leaders the discipline and critical thinking needed to initiate collaborative, patient-centered solutions that will transform their organizations. Read More About Our Faculty

This year The Institute for Medical Leadership® is offering a new leadership program entitled "Prescription for Lasting Success" based on Dr. Reynolds' new book by the same title. As the book's subtitle says, this program provides "Leadership Strategies to Diagnose Problems and Transform Your Organization". For more information please click on the book cover to the right.

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American Gastroenterological Assoc.

Future Leaders Program 2015

St. David's Healthcare Leadership Program April 7, 2015 Austin, TX

Loma Linda University Medical Center-Murietta

Physician Leadership Program April 22, 2015 Murietta, CA

American Academy of Family Physicians' 

National Conference of Special Constituencies April 29, 2015 Kansas City, MO

Mercy Medical Center Leadership Program May 2, 2015 Springfield, MA

The American Orthopaedic Association

Emerging Leaders Forum and Resident Leadership Forum June 23, 2015 Providence, RI

To succeed in today's healthcare field, executives and physician leaders must develop innovative strategies and communicate a compelling vision of high quality, cost-effective care. The Institute for Medical Leadership was created to help these leaders increase their insight and acquire the advanced leadership and management skills needed to move their organizations forward.

To achieve any goals and objectives in today's health care industry, you need the kind of medical leadership that motivates, inspires and clearly communicates your mission to offer world-class, cost-effective health care. By choosing a physician leadership program that is tailored to your institution's specific situation and needs, you ensure results that have the power to transform the future of your organization. The Institute for Medical Leadership can contribute to your efforts in articulating your unique vision to your staff and to your patients.

From the grassroots of your institution to the physicians and your board, nothing matters more than collaborative, patient-oriented values sourcing their strength in discipline and critical thinking. At The Institute for Medical Leadership we offer the kind of physician leadership training and learning opportunities that nurture the idea of teamwork, medical leadership training that is engaging, informative and memorable. We find that our leadership programs inspire physicians to take a direction that is forward thinking, compassionate and results oriented – utilizing the professional skills and experience they have acquired to support them on their path.

By choosing a program at The Institute for Medical Leadership you can offer key members of your organization the tools to advance your collective establishment with confidence as well as with the support of their peers. To learn more about our training and development programs, our Chief of Staff Boot Camps and more, we welcome you to browse this website or contact us today.